Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I suppose you must be wondering why there isn't a Stitching Time website yet.

Well, there is one lurking in the ether - it just isn't populated yet. Every time we go to start working on it in earnest, something happens and that wee (ha-ha)job gets pushed to the side - again!.

However, I am putting it in writing and telling the world that we have extracted the digit.

Today, the technophobes were mucking about with the software.

There you are ... we have begun our uphill struggle. My head is full of meta tags and jpegs and all manner of software jargon and I have come to realise that I can't remember a blessed thing that I was taught on that wee course cough cough years ago. Oops, sorry, months ago.

So, we have been making up wee shops selling things that we have pictures of on my computer like a felted hot water bottle cover that went wrong and my swollen foot (but it is available in three diffent sizes and four different colours).

Oh, what a laugh we had. Not!

So, now we have to get on with it. Feel free to pester us with any amount of abuse if you don't see anything appearing anytime soon. Just remember, we are not fourteen anymore and it might take us that wee bit longer than your average techno-savvy teenager.

What was that? Sorry, the boss was just shouting that he now has RSI and I'll have to make him coffee. Is this a sign of things to come????

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