Friday, 6 July 2007

Shop Newsletter July 2007

We have a newsletter every month but we haven't figured out how to get it on here yet! However, if you contact us on we can forward it to you.

Mentioned in the newsletter are this month's specials - 20% off all cross-stitch/embroidery charts and books as well as Rowan Pure Wool reduced from £3.25 to £2.75.

Every month the shop has at least two items on special so it is worth a look!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Regia Knitted Up

Just in case you are wondering how the Regia (Blogland Special 1) looks when it is knitted up, the above is a trainer sock knitted in the colourway offered.It is quite effective!

If you fancy the pattern, you can have a free copy if you remember to ask for it when you order the wool (sorry, yarn).

If you have already bought some and you want the pattern now, please contact us to get a copy.