Thursday, 24 July 2008

(Some) New Yarns Are Here!

We have been waiting patiently for our new yarns to arrive and some of them are here!

Nan is already in a quandry over which yarn to get stuck into first and ths is just part of this order!

So what are you going to go for first?

What about ...


It has 133m of 100% extra fine camel hair in a 25g ball. The recommended needle size is 2.5mm - 3mm.

Or what about Sierra Andina?

sierra andina

This has 133m of 100% extra fine alpaca in a 50g ball. The recommended needle size is 3mm - 3.5mm.

All of these

sierra andina shades

are available, and we chose the six finest to break you in gently. Three tweedy shades - 092, 093 and 095 - and three solid shades - 22, 30 and 46.

Now, if that isn't enough to get you excited, what about Lana Inca?

lana inca

It has 100m of a 50% alpaca/50% wool mix in a 50g ball. the recommended needle size is 4.5mm - 5mm.

All of these

lana inca shades

are available and we have chosen four super colourways by way of an introduction to the range.
Two mixes - 70 and 73 - and two solids - 76 and 80.

There is more to come, but Nan can't type for touching the wool!!!! So ... she will have a lie down with a cool cloth over her forehead then come back later and publish some more goodies.

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